Kvarteret Valparaiso


From port to city

We have been working with urban development and commercial strategies in Kv. Valparaiso in Värtahamnen. This work has been carried out within the framework of land allocation for offices and commercial spaces and possibly even housing if current noise rules change. The project is part of the City of Stockholm’s detailed program for Södra Värtahamnen 2012.

Our guidelines were cities and ports in conjunction with a commitment to high environmental standards and sustainability. In Valparaiso the shopping centre should be part of an attractive urban environment that functions around the clock, all year round. The location has exciting possibilities with its lively harbour at the intersection of Norra Djurgårdsstaden, Hjorthagen and Gärdet. Vasastan and Lidingö are just a stone’s throw away and public transport will be extended with a tramway that stops at the main entrance to the shopping centre.

Project Type Master plan for a multi-use district, urban development
Location South Värtahamnen, Stockholm
Construction Period -
Client NCC Property Development
Main Contacts Ola Larsson and Fredrik Elsner