People and Spaces

When we think of urban development it is not the buildings themselves that are most important. Rather it is the purpose they serve in their given space that really matters. Together with our clients we create vibrant spaces.

Wester + Elsner Architects work with architecture and urban development projects of all sizes; from interior design projects that need delicate attention to detail, to individual buildings and large integrated urban environments. We have offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg, where some 50 employees with different backgrounds and specialised skills are based.

All our projects are created through close creative and constructive collaborations. Our expertise is broad, but we specialise in urban life development and commercial architecture. This often involves major challenges, multiple stakeholders and complex issues that we find solutions for. The unique way we operate makes us one of the Nordic region’s leading architectural companies. It allows us to work strategically as project developers at the early stages of projects and throughout and all the while remain true to our craft as architects.


Our method is based on first asking ‘why’. This leads us to the ‘how’.

All our designs are a response to the functions and needs that exist. We always take into account flow, spaces and people. Our process is about creating conditions for life, easy and free movement, positive encounters and natural transitions to surrounding environments. Our work never begins with the design of the buildings themselves, but with a recognition of the needs that exist and the social, practical and aesthetic functions buildings should fulfil in their context. We always keep the client and the end users at the centre of our focus. This approach ultimately leads us to the right design.


Wester + Elsner Architects was founded in 1998 by Lars Wester and Fredrik Elsner. Today we have a team of seven co-owners who all actively work in the company.

Together with our clients we create vibrant spaces.


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Our Founders Lars Wester and Fredrik Elsner.
Anna Du Rietz, Office Manager.