The story of Lakritsroten began with a passionate individual who opened a store dedicated to his favorite flavour; liquorice. The goal was not just to sell liquorice but also to build and spread knowledge about liquorice through education, recipes and products.

After a number of years this small business, with its only store on Sveavägen in Stockholm, had gained a small but loyal customer base and was ready to spread the word about liquorice root and its characteristic taste further afield. As one of the advisers to the Dahlén family that owned the concept, Fredrik Elsner has contributed to plans to expand the business and shape the concept. Since 2015 these plans have formed the blueprint for all future stores. The solution? To ensure the stores, both large and small, are optimised for sales and over-the-counter conversations, as well as theme evenings and education sessions.

Our task was to develop a guiding design concept that stood on its own, encapsulated in a manual that was so complete that owners and staff could manage and control its implementation entirely on their own – regardless of the local market, location and building layout. In developing the manual, and to ensure its functionality and quality, our office became intrinsically involved in all aspects of the build for the first onsite implementation.

The design, with its combination of graphic clarity and colouristic playfulness, is intended to provide a strong visual identity that stands out at a distance as well as close up, and which arouses positive feelings and a sense of curiosity.

Användning Concept och store interior design
Plats Sveavägen and Hornsgatan, Stockholm
Byggår 2014
Beställare Dahlén Event
Kontaktperson Fredrik Elsner