At Kvarnholmen we planned a renovation of KF’s old bakery into a new local centre complete with restaurants, shops and a health centre.

Kvarnholmen is growing rapidly, and in a few years will be a small community with 6,000 inhabitants, a school, sports hall, shops, restaurants and services. The hope is that the bakery will be the obvious meeting point in Kvarnholmen.

The location is superb, situated along the main street and at the top of the hilly peninsula, with amazing views of Saltsjön.

We preserved and renovated the exterior with additions that have the same industrial feel as the original bakery. Inside, the principle idea was to create a simple, robust and pleasant passage with concrete floors, visible installations, plastered walls complemented with delicate coloured accents, tiles, glass and steel.

Project Type Local centre
Location Kvarnholmen, Nacka
Client 2016-2019
Construction Period Kuab
Main Contact Herman Johansson