Scandinavian XPO, a project we at Wester + Elsner Architects have been deeply involved with, is now open for business just a stone’s throw from Arlanda Airport. Described as the ‘Nordic region’s closest meeting place’ it boasts large conference rooms, event facilities and exhibition halls. The complex connects directly to Quality Hotel Arlanda XPO, which we have also designed.

“It feels fantastic that this project is now complete and they are ready to receive visitors and stage events. There are some substantial spaces available here which can be adapted to a variety of different needs,” says Kajsa Axelsson, an architect at Wester + Elsner Architects.

Read the full press release from Arlandastad Holding (in Swedish) here.
Read more about our work with Scandinavian Xpo here.

Publicerad: 15 February, 2021