Arninge Centrum

From suburban mall to modern local center

Arninge is a commercial destination under development. The Arninge area is the key to the Täby Municipality’s plan to create a new urban pulse within the district of Arninge – Ullna. This area will contain not only new residential buildings and social services, but also introduce new infrastructure and public transport facilities headed by a new transportation hub along with several exciting commercial projects nearby.

We are working with our client Genesta to assist them with the development of two of their properties that form Arninge Centrum.

It is a journey from dated suburban malls to upgraded rational property hosting big box retail, fresh new restaurants and additional fitness and healthcare centers. The buildings are “turned inside out” allowing for all of the new retail spaces to have their own individual entrances while the exterior facades are redesigned according to each of the store’s individual identity. The center, as a whole, receives an updated design while the building itself also undergoes a technical modernization as well.

Building 1: The so called JULA‐building is completed. Anchor tenants are JULA and Dollar Store. Other tenants include Elon, Hööks, ChopChop and Bores, of which the two later are food and beverage tenants.

In 2021 the first phase of the redevelopment of building 2, also known as ICA‐huset, will begin. The existing tenants of ICA Kvantum supermarket and Apoteket (pharmacy) will be accompanied by a new pet store which will include a veterinary clinic, and a more than 3 000 sqm Nordic Wellness gym and fitness center. The upper floors will host a few other tenants focusing on health and wellness.

The second phase of the redevelopment of building 2 will add more new retail and service offerings to the mix.

Project Type Retail, healthcare, offices, etc
Location Arninge, Täby
Construction Period 2019-2022
Client Genesta
Main Contacts Ola Larsson