Bromma Blocks H3


One of Stockholm’s favourite shopping destinations is housed in one of Bromma Airport’s old aircraft hangars – hangar 3 – which was once the largest of its kind in northern Europe. The historic building has now been integrated with innovative architecture to create a unique shopping experience.


Bromma Blocks Galleria won the Retail Awards 2011 in the category ‘Sweden’s Best Shopping Centre/Galleria, with the following motivation:

 “This year’s winner is a galleria that has challenged the traditional shopping aisles and created a feminine, sensual sense of movement in the visitor areas. They have dared to stick to their concept throughout the entire project, both towards tenants, contractors and politicians. The result is a luxurious galleria with warmth, soul and surprises.”


The galleria is characterised by the aircraft hangar’s high, open spaces, which were originally intended for the largest aircraft of the 1950s. The challenge has been to maintain this culturally protected space with its one supporting pillar and sense of openness, while at the same time creating a compactness and spaciousness that can be experienced on a human scale. The shopping and customer flows in Hangar 3 are inspired by classic department stores, where goods are displayed close to the customers. Although we provide an orientational overview, it is left up to the customer to create their own route by moving freely between different stores. The galleria is characterised by modern design and distinct historical elements.

Project Type Galleria
Location Bromma, Stockholm
Construction Period 2009-2010
Client KF Fastigheter
Main Contact Lars Wester