Danderyds Centrum


The transformation of the historic Mörby Centrum into the new, modern Danderyds Centrum is now underway. The centre will be expanded with an additional 18,000 square metres of retail space to reach a total area of approximately 36,000 square metres. The new shopping centre will accommodate around 130 stores.



Skandia Fastigheter (formerly Diligentia) turned to Wester + Elsner Architects to get a second opinion about a proposal for visitor traffic flows and a new loading dock at the future Mörby Centrum (which will transition into the new Danderyds Centrum).

Our answer led to a longer term – and ongoing – commitment to Danderyds Centrum.

It is a massive project comprising multiple subprojects that run in parallel with the Danderyds Municipality’s development of the surrounding neighbourhoods and environment.

The development is taking place within the framework of a zoning plan that was agreed before our involvement began, and which emerged from a zoning plan competition announced by the municipality in 2008. This zoning plan is quite specific in its overall design, and calls for the construction of a 400-metre long building alongside the E18 motorway.



The core of the project is a textbook example of urban development. The main challenge is to make the very most out of the future Danderyds Centrum.  Its role as a municipality/district centre, coupled with its excellent location and access links – including the metro, a bus station and immediate proximity to the E18 motorway – means there are superb basic conditions in place to create a vibrant urban environment.

The centre’s extended plans to attract an influx of visitors, mainly to the ground floor level, has resulted in a solution for vertical circulation.

Unlike today’s introverted and run-down Mörby Centrum, the new Danderyds Centrum is being developed into an extroverted building complex with a diverse range of facilities and shops. The centre will face out towards its surroundings, including Golfvägen and the busy main square with its inviting restaurants.

Our larger overarching assignment is to develop the district centre together with Skandia Fastigheter into a coherent whole, including shops, restaurants, healthcare facilities and offices, with direct connections to public transport and the E18 motorway.

The project includes both the renovation of the existing Mörby Centrum and the construction of various new elements such as office buildings, more retail spaces and workplaces, municipal offices, loading docks, a pavilion square, garages, a car park and a footbridge over the E18 motorway.

The entire project is currently expected to be completed between 2023-2025.

Some parts have already been constructed, such as the Södra kontorshuset, as well as a new parking garage.

Project Type District centre with shops, service providers, parking, public transport, municipal offices and workplaces
Location Danderyds Centrum, Danderyd
Construction Period 2017-
Client Skandia Fastigheter
Main Contacts Fredrik Elsner and Ivar Kandell